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Deepavali, as my folks call it. . .

So, I only have a faint idea why “deepavali” as my folks call it, is celebrated. . .The Ramayana folklore. I know, everybody knows the story. But when asked why we celebrate this festival. . .one of my colleagues said it is for us to get away from our busy schedule and be with our loved ones.

What he said made sense. The most irritating sounds of vehicles on the road honking endlessly for everyone else to disappear, I guess was relatively less today. Everybody has deserted Chennai to be with their loved ones. It is true, at least Chennai is made up of people who do not belong here. . .Everyone is a migrant here. And I am a capitalist migrant. I guess. Hypocrite!

As the crackers that is being burst on the roads fill my room with some nauseating air, I sit here in front of my laptop celebrating the most sickening”deepawali” I have ever had. .  .Last one wasn’t great either, but I did manage to dress up and go out to eat chicken steak from some place. Now to all those acting non-capitalist who will frown at my westernized way of going about. . .Don’t swear at me! I am the daughter of a communist, if it helps. And if it doesn’t,well, I am not proud about it is all I can say.

So. . .A festival without your kith and kin. . .especially when you  have a dad who is the most excited person while bursting crackers, will only end up with you wondering why the hell did you ever have to grow up. This is the most amateurish piece in my blog so far I guess. Well, I can’t help it. No, I am not homesick and I am not giving a childish rant. I am just missing the ten year old me. The “me” that I thought would not ever miss an opportunity to burst crackers. But, I guess for that girl to come alive I need the first man I ever loved, my father and my lost innocence with me.

Happy deepawali! May yours be better always.