“Knock Knock”

Man: Anyone inside?

Master: Yes, me

Man: And?

Master: The slave

Man: The?

Master: Yes, now they seek rights, so we have come to a pact that we’ll address them as the and put the thing to rest . . . you know since we are a democracy and all that. Come in now

Man: Ah, yes certainly

Man: So you must be The Slave

The Slave: ……

Man: So how does it feel to be in this democratic country, with your own set of rights?

The Slave: Sir, I am closing my eyes as I am not supposed to talk to your face. It would be convenient if you could turn around.

Man: Well, certainly

Man: So tell me, how does it feel to have your own rights and to live in this democratic country?

The Slave: Very well sir, we are forever indebted to people like you for your kindness.

PS: Random writings.


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