The Lame Day Observance- 1

The world has come to a standstill staring at Deepika’s cleavage. A daily put out “their version of their truth and ethics” and reminded all of us that Indian journalism has landed yet another unexplored new low. We hope this is going to be the last one, but we know that its not true. And the discussion, will now never end.

Meanwhile, all the other actresses are banging their heads – “Why didn’t I ever say that out loud?”

In yet another “shocking incident” another national channel’s online team says that they have for the reader a “horrific” video which shows a boy being eaten alive by a White Tiger at the Delhi Zoo. And of course! The video was filmed a bystander and is now streaming online for you to watch. Will questions on what led the tiger pounce upon the man like this arise? Even worse the story already started running on air with the slug – Killer Tiger.

But considering the fact that a tiger cannot be tortured like humans ( And since everyone is scared of animal rights activists), chances are that the media will move on to further interesting stories.

The social media on the other hand was promoting WEIRD stories this day. The first weird headline of the day – Jayalalitha’s rumored resignation. I mean, we all know that it is never going to happen, and that it’s nothing but a lame rumor- but we still have to pass around the information because the more you share such stories, someone will dig more wells for the thirsty people in Africa.

The other one may be more interesting for some – A headline which suggested that Salman Khan’s 6 pack abs are fake. Though many are unsure as to exactly who that piece of information will affect, the story is anyhow a hit because it has Salman Khan and abs in the headline.


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