It’s a madness ridden game, this election. The anarchy that ensues uncertainty, the dictatorship that reveals itself in the face of power that is deteriorating and slipping away. . .India election 2014, will be a good one to watch out for. The country’s giant party, is at a meager stand still. Not even during the rule of Mrs. Gandhi, or the fascistic emergency imposition that she did, did the Congress party feel this urgent and important a need to gain back the power. The vultures are all around, and this time if they lose it, the Indian political mindset, as they knew it, would change. Drastically, beyond their own control.


Once an organization that  propagated the “supremacy” of the hindutva, today RSS’s baby child, BJP has grown into a bigger tree, whose branches fall heavily on its parent itself at times. Never would have the party even stood a chance to play this key a role in our polity, if it was not for the Rath Yathra (Yes, Advaniji is sobbing the background). And here we are, years later, weighing them in a scale, in which no political parties fit. Not even the newest entrant, the Aam Aadmi Party.


For a nation, in which corruption ran through as a daily affair of life, we became so enraged with it, thanks to a self-styled Gandhian and the omnipresent media who spent sleepless nights at the Ramlila Maidan. The supposed figures of 2G that the nation pathetically missed to fill in the exchequer with was the great loss of the millennium. Fact stands that despite the “mass agitation”  that the nation was made to witness this time, there is still no law, to curb or prevent corruption. Here we have a group of frustrated activists, and a galaxy of people around them trying to make the most of the confusion.


All the parties, seem to think that faces are important than the policies. An only exception is the crumbling giant, the Congress who cannot please anyone with the faces that they have in the party. But everyone is hell bent on rectifying that line/lines that other other parties have gone wrong in, never understanding that there are also issues unaddressed, and even ignored realities in this society that even more than six decades of independence failed to uncover and liberate. Its a mad, mad poll season that is coming up!


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