Of Naxalism, ideologies and . . .

They fought a war, a real one. A bloody one rather. They got caught, some people called them criminals, while some called them heroes . . . no matter what people called them, they got thrashed by the system. God ! I sound like an anarchist who is remembering history! And I know that, anarchists and utopia doesn’t make much sense.

So let me start from the top, if you are blinded by the common “perception” that after Mumbai everything is Madras,get enlightened here! now! The southern most tip of this country constitute of Kerala and Tamil Nadu ( Which you dearly call Madras). And between these two is, Karnataka. And all of them are “different” states with “distinct” cultural identities.

And now, if you do know that there is a state called Kerala and is carried away by the tourism ads as well as strongly believes that it is “The God’s Own Country” ; Well, open your eyes in this soil. it isn’t all that, it is just that in these times, when there is a sophisticated lying tool for gaining attention called “advertisement” almost everything needs to be branded. Even if that means they over romanticize that skinny old woman on the pavement selling brooms to make both ends meet into some symbol of a rustic rural muse and simplicity in the times of the invading monstrous urban rituals ( excuse my sarcasm!).

So I was speaking about a battle that few knows took place in a land which is either not recognized or is recognized for what it is not . . .

The oppressed sooner or later rises against the oppressor. There was a particular poem by a black poet concerning the same, about how all the oppressed in this world will rise and form a big question mark in front of the world.I don’t remember the name of the poet or the poem right now, but whatever he said, stayed within me.

 So when all the land lords of Northern Kerala were reaping the fruits of the bonded serf’s toil the educated revolutionary youth took up arms and showed the peasant to do the same. To the people who say Naxalism doesn’t have an ideology at all . . .to hell with ideologies! Doesn’t the thought group of youngsters forsaking everything else for the bended man with the sickle please anyone much more than speaking and debating about some intangible nothing around a coffee table!There is a selflessness in the ardent youth that everybody misses sooner or later. Today when they are reduced to nothingness, with some among them living and preaching things that the very ideology stood for, I wonder whether they miss it, the selflessness of their youth . . .



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